The following warranty is offered by armsdealshop.com

Arms Deal Shop for the past years  has made sure the satisfaction of it’s customers is our priority

In pursuit of 100% Customer Satisfaction, we are now offering a Supplemental Lifetime Warranty on firearms 

armsdealshop.com warrants that any new or used firearm covered under our Supplemental Lifetime Warranty will be repaired, replaced, or refunded at no charge, subject to the following conditions:

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser.

  • If the firearm cannot be repaired, and no direct replacement is available, we will offer current retail value as a credit (amount to be determined by us) towards the purchase of any item(s) from www.armsdealshop.com
  • This warranty applies to both new and used guns.
    • If a firearm is repaired, it may be returned directly to the customer. However, if a firearm is replaced with a new or used firearm, the customer must take delivery of the replacement firearm from a licensed FFL dealer. The customer may incur additional charges, such as transfer fees and background check fees, from the transferring FFL dealer. We are not responsible for these additional fees.
    • Armsdealshop.com will pay for all freight costs associated with a firearm warranty repair, replacement, or refund.
  • This warranty covers the firearm as originally sold by the Manufacturer and/or armsdealshop.com but does not extend to new or used guns altered or rebuilt after their original purchase. This Supplemental Lifetime Warranty does NOT apply to scopes or other accessories attached to the firearm.
  • Accuracy is NOT included in this Warranty.
  • This Supplemental Limited Lifetime Warranty covers the firearm against manufacturer’s defects only. It does not cover the replacement or refinishing of parts that are subject to normal wear throughout the lifespan of the firearm.

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